Acknowledging Poland’s enormous potential, OKAM strives to play an active role in its all-round development. Since the very beginning of it’s activity, OKAM has been providing the highest qualit of living in the best possible locations. OKAM not only pursues residential, office and commercial premises projects, but most importantly, creates a space that enables the activity and bonding of local communities. For this reason, OKAM focuses on applying ingenious ideas as soon as the working on the new project begins. That is why values regarding the customer’s comfort and environment protection are deeply rooted in each of our projects. Based on those concerns, the New Quality Policy arose. OKAM has successfully pursued magnificent investments of the top quality in Israel, Cyprus and Poland. Years of the founder’s and stakeholders’ experience, alongside with a wide network of contacts, thorough know-how strategies and full dedication of OKAM’S employees led us to the top. OKAM creates and implements passionate projects, that guarantee the highest living standard to OKAM’S customers. Because we deserve the best.

  • 17 years of experience
  • 25 projects in 7 Polish cities
  • The highest quality quality of building materials
  • The best locations
  • reliable execution
  • new quality policy
  • csr activities